Pediatric Rheumatology Summit

Pediatric Rheumatology Summit
08:00am - June 28, 2024
Princess Fatma Academy

Welcome to
Pediatric Rheumatology Summit
“A Tale to Tell”
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of
EFEP (Egyptian Foundation of Egyptian Pediatricians)
“EUP” (Egyptian Union of Pediatricians)

It’s our pleasure to invite you to participate in
“The 1st Pediatric Rheumatology Summit”
on Friday 28/06/2024 in
“Princess Fatma Academy”, Cairo
Here, at the forefront of pediatric rheumatology, we gather as storytellers,
weaving a brighter future for our brave young heroes. Every ache, every swollen
joint, whispers a tale, a tale waiting to be told, heard, and acted upon!
This summit is our shared chapter, penned with the ink of knowledge and
compassion. exploring the latest research and evidence-based practices, to equip
ourselves with the tools to diagnose accurately, treat effectively, and empower
our young champions to reclaim their vibrant stories.
So, let's turn the page, colleagues! Share your expertise, build connections, and
together, rewrite the narrative for children with rheumatic conditions. Let this
summit be the turning point in their story, where they emerge not as patients, but
as champions, ready to conquer their own adventures.
Welcome to the chapter where hope and resilience triumph!
Prof. Ghada Shousha
Dr Bahaa El Shiekh
Dr Mohamed Helal