The 1st “International Canal Pedia Summit”

The 1st “International Canal Pedia Summit”
08:00am - August 8, 2024
Ismailia City

The 1st “International Canal Pedia Summit”
The Exceptional Collaboration of Pediatrics
Tolip Al-Forsan Hotel, Ismailia City
Thu - Fri 8 - 9 / 08 / 2024
The greatest collaboration of pediatrics in the Canal Region is now a reality, where the “21st Suez Canal
University Pediatric Department Conference”
together with the “4th Ismailia Kids Conference” are
joining forces, with “Portsaid Conference” as well.
As Collaboration has fueled our previous successes, and now
synergy is amplifying our impact, The 1st ICPS, will
collect all the various efforts into 1 amazing Summit,
merging all the scientific value into a tremendous
scientific program, that you can’t miss.
Networking with all pediatricians in the “Canal
“The 1st ICPS” will be offering valuable interaction
with your colleagues, that will stimulate a creative
exchange of ideas in a multidisciplinary setting that will definitely exceed your expectations.
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