The 1st Pediatric Allergy Summit

The 1st Pediatric Allergy Summit
08:00am - May 31, 2024
Princess Fatma Academy

Welcome to
The 1st Pediatric Allergy Summit
“A World Full of Allergens”
Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of
EFEP (Egyptian Foundation of Egyptian Pediatricians)
“EUP” (Egyptian Union of Pediatricians)
It’s our pleasure to invite you to participate in
“The 1st Pediatric Allergy Summit”
on Friday 31/05/2024 in
“Princess Fatma Academy”, Cairo
Here, on the cutting edge of pediatric allergy care, we gather not as
strangers, but as a united force against the common enemy:
Allergic Reactions, Where our young precious patients guide our course
with every sniffle and every wheeze.
This summit is our collective deep dive, exploring the ocean of
knowledge – from the latest research to real-world management
strategies. We equip ourselves with the tools to diagnose swiftly, treat
effectively, and navigate the emotional currents alongside families.
So, let's dive in, colleagues! Share your pearls of wisdom, forge new
connections, and together, rewrite the narrative of pediatric allergies.
Let this summit be the springboard for a brighter, healthier future, one
calm breath at a time. Welcome aboard!

Prof. Ghada Shousha
Dr Bahaa El Shiekh
Dr Mohamed Helal

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